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Jay Romero and Blake Blossom are having fun during their modeling session. Blake likes to make jokes about Jay, and it's clear that they have a bond. There's obvious sexual tension between them that needs to be handled as they flirt and talk to the camera. Before they get down to business, Blake enjoys Jay's mood and they play games together. They progressively take off their clothes as the modeling session gets on in earnest and they grow more attracted to each other. Jay finds it impossible to resist getting closer to Blake when he's nude. Blake seats Jay on a chair and gives her a firm grip on her boobs and nipples as she licks her way down his chest towards his boner. Blake comes in wide and hits a BJ that left Jay wanting so much more. She sucks deeply, squeezing the root and cupping the balls. Jay lets out a moan and lets her get up to give him a nice titty fuck. He puts Blake on her back and dives headfirst into that muff, returning the favor of oral sex by licking and slurping her fluids. She lifts her thigh high, allowing Jay to get closer as he glides home, spooning behind Blake. The more she turns Jay onto his back and gets up on top of him to ride him, the hotter her gasps of joy get. Blake has been waiting for that boob-bouncing stiffie ride for ages. Blake rolls onto her back, lifts her leg, and slings an ankle over Jay's shoulder to make it easy for him to get inside her. He is obsessed with that juicy coochie. Jay pulls out to cum on Blake's landing strip, leaving her sticky and grinning with pure joy as he realizes he's going to blow his load.