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Tech interviewer Blake Blossom will stop at nothing to obtain the inside scoop. Tyler Nixon, who she is interviewing today, has been a little catty about the specifics. While Blake tries to give Tyler the opportunity to reveal everything the conventional manner, when Tyler refuses to talk, Blake pursues the details in a different method. She begins unbuttoning her top to slightly better display her lovely cleavage. She leans in and runs her hand over Tyler's crotch and leg. Blake finds Tyler attractive, so she goes one step further and exposes her pants to make her point. She lets her enormous titties fly for Tyler's amusement, managing to pull off even that. Blake pushes Tyler back in the chair and reaches for his hardon, pulling it to her mouth so she can blow him. As she presses her jugs together for a titty fuck, her deep throat BJ only becomes hotter. At last, Tyler is prepared to reveal the truth, but only after accepting Blake's entire offer. Blake moves them to her bedroom as Tyler is in her home office. There, Tyler pulls her thong off so he can eat her out and finger fuck her while Blake lies down and strokes her boobies. Blake takes over once Tyler's tongue has thoroughly soaked her. Blake gives Tyler a shove and mounts him in a backward cowgirl motion. She twitches wildly, allowing Tyler's hands to guide her in maintaining the right cadence as she bounces wide. Blake turns around, her bottom still moving to continue their party, and leans forward to shoo her jumper puppies into Tyler's face. Blake then approaches Tyler from behind while on her hands and knees, extending an invitation. Tyler accepts her seductive offer to a room filled with Blake's mewling sounds of joy. Tyler anchors himself and gives Blake's gorgeous ass a solid pounding that leaves them both gasping. After flipping Blake onto her back, Tyler shoves back inside and teases her clit with his tongue and then his dick. He gives it to Blake for just long enough this time to have her swoon and give her one last orgasm. Once he blows his load all over Blake's face, he pulls out and lets her show off her cleavage for one last round of titty fucking. Tyler concurs that Blake has earned her scoop as they descend.