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Lilly Bell and Blake Blossom, roommates, are getting ready for a night out. The girls are debating what to wear and can't quit looking at each other. Taking any excuse they can to touch each other, they both flirt with the idea of getting together. Blake tosses out that it's too bad Lilly has a boyfriend in Robby Echo. It's a casual comment, but it's like a bombshell as the roommies both begin to realize that they could have had each other. Just as they're leaning in to exchange a kiss, Robby comes in and interrupts. Instead of letting her boyfriend leave, Lilly decides to pull him onto the bed and seduce him and Blake into a threesome. Not much convincing has to be done. Before long, Robby is having a great time with the females making out over his lap. They become intimate, nuzzling each other and brushing up against Robby's blatant arrogance. Robby just likes the ride as he receives a double blowjob from the girls when they whip his dick out. Before long, the girls are putting Robby back on the bed and undressing in between cuddles and kisses. They let him sample their tits in turn and then get on their knees to give Robby a pussy buffet. After they have let Robby sample first one and then the other twat, the girls double stack themselves with Lilly on top of Blake. He continues to eat them out before simultaneously giving both women finger bangs. Robby pushes Blake to her knees when he has at last fully prepared Lilly and Blake. She squeals with excitement as she gives him the full doggy treatment. Blake smothers her groans in Lilly's creamy twat at the same moment. Lilly climbs on top of Robby and sinks down to get her turn with her boyfriend's dick. She rides like a cowgirl, swaying her hips sensually. Blake gets in on the fun as soon as she's satisfied Lilly is having a good time by perching herself on Robby's face. Lilly mounts Robby in reverse cowgirl fashion, and Blake slides forward to take over for her. Lilly lets Robby slide back home inside her while lying on her back and spreading her thighs wide open. Blake is all over Lilly, kissing her lips and boobs and hugging her shoulders. Robby lets Blake aim his cum shot onto Lilly's stomach as he's about to blow his load, leaving a pool of hot joy for the girls to share and play in.