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Gorgeous and curvaceous, Blake Blossom poses for a dinner reservation in front of the mirror. Ken feels like he's ready when she asks him, but he can't seem to find his keys. Blake playsfully places the keys down her dress after spotting them. She tells Ken they should play hot and cold for them as she settles down on the couch. Ken eventually understands that Blake must be carrying the keys. As he moves down her body, she keeps playing her game of hot and cold. Blake lets Ken know that he's scorching hot as he pulls her miniskirt up and pushes her thong aside to eat her trimmed cooch. He's got an orgasm from finger-bangin' Blake and he's on fire. At Blake's persuasion, Ken stands up and watches the keys disappear along with her clothes. They decide it would be better to forgo their reservation and instead engage in some fucking. Blake bows down to suck Ken down in an exuberant blowjob as a reward for his great decision-making. Blake pulls a seat for Ken on the couch and settles into his lap. She tucks into his hardon, devouring him mouthful by mouthful. Once she's well positioned, she starts to rock her hips in a pattern that will make them both feel utterly delighted. Blake then bows her head and asks Ken to come back inside. He obliges right away, pushing Blake home to give her the much-needed doggy-style pussy pounding. Ken enters her again at this new angle of penetration as soon as Blake lets go long enough to get on her back. As Blaky lies on her side with one leg raised and Ken buried deep in her twat, they wind things down. Blake resumes her position hunched over her beloved after her desire for sex is fully satisfied. She uses a handie to manipulate Ken until he blows up on her massive