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Blake Blossom is back with a new round of pictures. Blake is directing and producing Vanna Bardot and Chad Alva this time around. Blake takes her turn posing for the camera and communicating her desires to Chad and Vanna as the trio strikes a posture. Naturally, the photo shoot intensifies in sex until it centers upon the already-formal threesome. Vanna and Blake expose their breasts to each other and suck and squeeze. Kissing each other's nipples with open mouths brings those points up nice and hard. Since the blonde is in the middle, Chad is included in the action and gets to see Blake's body up close. Sensual joy eventually replaces every pretense of professionalism. Chad and Vanna feel Blake's heat via their palms as a result of a hands-on tour of his body. She doesn't, of course, like to draw all the focus on herself. Blake leans forward and begins to caress and lick Chad's posterior. Vanna settles down to enjoy the honey between Blake's thighs while this is going on. Vanna blows Jake while Blake licks at Vanna's dripping twat, so the females switch places. Vanna's already on her knees, so Blake can easily plant a kiss on her mouth while Chad stands up behind her and glides home. Vanna dips her head to resume eating Blake out while taking it in, dog. She kisses Vanna again, feeling her own fluids on her friend's lips as Blake shudders. As Blake saddles up for a backwards cowgirl stiffie ride on Chad, she gets her own turn with the D. Vanna tags out, rolling and rocking in a cowgirl pose while forcing her tits against Chad's face. Blake climbs on her back and takes one last look at Chad, but not before the females slurp their combined juices from his hardon. The girls