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Blake Blossom is determined not to let her stepbrother, Jay Romero, down in her role as caregiver. She prepares Jay's school bag in the morning. Blake discovers Jay watching porn and masturbating later in the afternoon. She makes the decision to speak with Jay about her behavior as a fapper. She informs Jay that he needs to talk to actual girls and that he can't be acting jerky all the time. Jay admits that she is fond of Blake's breasts. He says he's getting better if she exposes her tits to him and he pushes back. Jay is able to avoid touching Blake's breasts when she flashes them at him. Blake then exposes her ass to Jay. It's more difficult to resist this time, but he manages. Blake's pussy will be the ultimate test of Jay's forbearance. Jay tries inserting only the tip since he can't resist. Blake calls him out on it, to which he responds that it's the last test. He's passed if he can tolerate just the tip! Naturally, Jay allows the entire thing to be revealed. Blake eventually concedes that perhaps they could move a little faster and longer. The stepsiblings can truly kick off their hardcore frolic with just that. Blake forces her brother onto his back and climbs onto his stiffie to ride him once she's come to terms with the fact that she likes his cock inside of her. As Blake rides him in cowgirl gear, Jay finally gets to knead and grip his sister's huge bosom to his heart's content. Subsequently, she pivoted and raised her legs to allow Jay to fuck her from underneath. As Blake rolls off Jay's D, she combines a blowjob with a titty fuck in which she shoves her jugs together. She drops on her knees and grabs it behind. She begs Jay to get inside her while he smacks Blake. Blake admits she's not on birth control, her brother's jizz oozing out