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Blake Blossom enters her boyfriend Ryan Mclane's home dressed to the nines. She takes great pleasure in her knowledge that she is the other woman. Blake walks into Ryan's bedroom, drops her bag, and rifles through his wife's drawers until she locates the underwear. She selects a few sets she likes, takes off her clothes, and tries them on. Blake tries on the red ensemble after feeling uneasy about the purple bra and thong. She locates the high heels that Ryan's wife owns and puts her feet into them. Blake settles in and imagines herself as Ryan's real wife, looking hot as hell in his wife's clothes. Blake finds she can't wait to get home when Ryan still hasn't arrived. Ryan interrupts her as she's about to put her hand inside her thong to masturbate. Blake pushes Ryan off the bed and tells him she should stay, even though Ryan is trying to get her to leave. Ryan no longer resists once Blake wraps her lips around his hardon. Ryan is pushed onto Blake's back where they titty fuck, suck, and massage each other. She stands up, slips out of that underwear, and climbs on top of Ryan. She slides down onto his fuck stick while straddling him and becomes wild in her stiffie ride. Blake spins around and rides Ryan in reverse cowgirl while he squeezes her ass, reassuring her that he's all in. Blake climbs off and suckers her own guck off Ryan's cock. She then invites Ryan to devour her by spreading herself wide open on her back. He complies, licking Blake's twat dry and then lowering himself to his knees and guiding her into a juicy snatch. They spoon together, continuing their work. Blake eventually gets up on her hands and knees and extends her doggy handshake Then he titty fucks her until his own climax, getting Blake on her back one last time. Ryan tries to convince Blake that this is a one-time event, but Blake is adamant that his wife won't ever need to know.