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Another fantasy of the month is here, and we're excited to present Blake Blossom. Blake flashes her underwear as she runs her fingers over her whip and jiggles her titties. Pulling on a cowboy hat, she finishes off her sultry Western ensemble. Blake discovers Oliver Flynn reading a book in the bedroom. She snaps her whip to attract his attention, and then she crawls into his bed. She lifts Oliver's head with the whip so that she may kiss him, going from a flirtatious to a passionate kiss. Oliver is made to feel ready for her as she thrusts her tits into his face and grinds her hips into his hardon. Blake curls up in bed next to Oliver and runs her palm over his hardon. Oliver only needs to use that as leverage over Blake. He pushes her thong aside and entangles his fingers and mouth in her gentle grab. Blake starts working on blowing Oliver's hardon in exchange. When this lustful cowgirl straddles his hips and takes him for a stiffie ride, he's standing tall and proud. Blake turns around and hops off to lick her own juices from Oliver's dick. In reverse cowgirl mode, she mounts him again and sinks down until she is totally impaled. Oliver and Blake can now alternately throw the motion into the ocean while Blake sighs and groans in satisfaction at their new arrangement. Blake keeps her pussy party going by presenting herself to Oliver while she's on her hands and knees on the bed. Oliver gets his turn using the whip when he goes for the kill in Doggie. Especially when he softly ties it around her neck to pull her back for their mutual enjoyment, he uses it to hold Blake in place. In order for Blake to raise her leg high in the air, Oliver reaches as far and as hard as he can, pulling Blake's thigh higher and higher. At some point, he has to roll Black onto her back in order to deliver it to her as a missionary and kill her. Oliver has his turn now that Blake has gotten all she wanted. He pulls out, jacks himself off with his own large hand. Blake steps in just in time to help Oliver place his pop short across her chest. Blake lets her head drop back in sensual joy, wearing her boyfriend's cum like a badge of honor.