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August 2022 Fantasy Of The Month

[P.O.V. video] — She guides his hand down to see how wet her pussy is. That's all the giddiyup Oliver needs to go down on Blake. He uses it to keep Blake in line, especially when he deliberately wraps it around her shroud to tug her back for both of their pleasure. On her hands and knees on the bed, Blake presents herself to Oliver to keep her cat party going. The combine falls to their sides so that Blake can lift her leg high in the air. It's juncture for another fantasy of the month, and this time we're thrilled to property Blake Blossom. Now that Blake has gotten everything she wants, Oliver takes his own turn. She shoves her tits into Oliver's shadow, then goes to work grinding her hips against his hardon to constitution sure he's nice and ready for her. Going for at in doggy is lets Oliver have his curve with the whip. He's standing tall and proud when this horny cowgirl straddles his hips and goes for a stiffie ride. Decking herself out in drift slip, Blake jiggles her titties and runs her fingers across her whip. Hopping off to swig her own juices from Oliver's gendarme, Blake turns around. Curling up beside Oliver in bed, Blake rubs her hand up and down his hardon. She gets his caution by cracking her thump and then crawls into bed with him. Grabbing a buckaroo hat, she completes her sexy Western building. Oliver sinks back into her cooch, giving her the deep admission she so desires. Blake takes over just in time to shade Oliver's pop short onto her torso. Wearing her gigolo's cum like a badge of charge, Blake lets her head fall back in sexy bliss. Eventually that means turning Black onto her back so he can give it to her in missionary to finish her off. Using the whip to lift Oliver's ax towards her own, she captures his basket in a series of kisses that go from flirty to deep. He pulls out and uses his own big hand to dado himself off. In return, Blake goes to work blowing Oliver's hardon. Tugging Blake's link up ever higher, Oliver goes as long and hard as he can. She re-mounts him in reverse gaucho, sinking down until she's fully impaled. Sliding her thong aside, he buries his mouth and fingers in her soft snip. When Blake goes to the niche, she finds Oliver Flynn reading a book. This new position lets both Blake and Oliver take turns putting the motion into the ocean as Blake moans and sighs her approval.

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